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Hello Lord

CDs: $15
cover - Hello Lord Hello Lord
Ancient Words
Your Love Rushes Over Me
Rise Again
He Touched Me
Change My Heart, O God
Man of Constant Sorrow
Whispering Hope
Amazing Love
Life's Railway to Heaven
You Raise Me Up
Where You Belong
Come Thou Fount

My involvement with church music began as a toddler. My mother was the church organist for over 35 years and I proceeded into the choirs and eventually became the choir director at age 20. The current United Methodist Choir that I am still privileged to lead, joins us for a few sparkling moments on this CD.

Hello Lord brings together the various styles of spirit music that I have performed in and out of church over the last half century. Some of my most gratifying and uplifting musical moments come from this experience.

I'm hoping, as you listen to me and my friends, that you'll also find it a comfort and joy. My beloved instrument, the pedal steel guitar and my new love, the dobro, are joined by mandolin, piano, sax and electric keyboard as I sing some of my favorites. Thanks to Keith Reed for his encouraging prodding to do this project, and for his flawless skill on the piano. (He Touched Me)

Current and former DTB members, Tommy, Mark, Larry, Jerome and John, were joined by Joe Petersen to form this talented supporting cast.


At The Dance

Tapes: $10
CDs: $15
cover - At The Dance Whose Heart Are You Breakin' Now
Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels
Comin' Down
When The Snow Is On The Roses
Start My Heart
Heart To Heart Talk
The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder
Heart Game
Have I Told You Lately
Moments Of Brilliance
Old Fashioned Love
(The Prettiest Girl) At The Dance

The new CD and cassette At The Dance is now available. This new recording by The Dale Thomas Band features some of the same sounds that made their last recording Rural Route One very popular with the fans in the midwest.

Melissa Spangler is present again with the sweet fiddle harmonies, Kim Klima adds the sax to the western swing and even the clarinet on one dixieland section. All this happens around the vocals and pedal steel guitar efforts of Dale Thomas.

Thirteen songs, three originals including title song (The Prettiest Girl) At The Dance head up the selections which include Let's Have A Heart to Heart Talk, Play Me The Waltz of The Angels, and Old Fashioned Love.


Rural Route 1

Tapes: $10
CDs: $15
cover - Rural Route 1 Hang Your Head In Shame
The Waltz Of The Angels
Sugar Moon
Goin' Home With You
Mexicali Rose
Careless Hands
My Home In San Antone
Rural Route One
It Should Be Easier Now
I've Got It Made
No One Will Ever Know
Rose Of San Antone
The Bandera Waltz

"Do what you love and you won't go wrong". In responding to this advice, I've put the things I love together in this production.

I love pretty songs. I love the steel guitar, the instrument I've toiled with for nearly 50 years. I love twin fiddles and western swing. I love a good mariachi band. I love family and all the strengths it provides.

The pretty songs -- The Waltz Of The Angels, It Should Be Easier Now, and the nostalgic beauty of The Bandera Waltz.

The steel guitar -- I get to play it on all these songs.

The western swing -- The good dance tunes like Home In San Antone and Sugar Moon. A pretty western ballad by Rusty Richards called Goin' Home With You. The mariachi influence is on Mexicali Rose.

The family love -- an original composition, Rural Route One and I've Got It Made. Yes, Carol, I do. The twin fiddles are provided by my recording artist daughter, Melissa Spangler.

How wonderful to have her and husband Jeff join me for this project. Also thanks to my dance band family, John, Jerome, Kim, and David. I thank God for this opportunity.


The Back Forty

Tapes: $8
CDs: $12
cover - The Back Forty Say It Over and Over
Where Can I Go
Too Young To Love
Hello Lonesome
Maybe Tomorrow
Territory Band
As Each Night Goes By
Show Me Again
She's My Rock
Always Wanting You
Two Little Boys
Lonely in Louisville
He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)

Hop aboard the wagon and I'll take you on a tour of the back forty. It's a field that's been plowed many times but the crop is still in the barn in case you want to taste it. These tunes were harvested from 1959 through the early 80s. It will be impossible to name all the musicians you will hear on these songs. The only constant will be my steel guitar and my voice on all vocals except one. My daughter Melissa recorded As Each Night Goes By at age 13.

In 1959, I recorded Too Young To Love and Hello Lonesome for DOT Records. That begins the time line. Maybe Tomorrow in the mid sixties, Lonely In Louisville with the TV band in '69, Two Little Boys, and The Territory Band, are among 13 past recordings.

It takes my memory back, and before the barn burns down, I'm hoping you will enjoy these efforts from the years I'm calling The Back Forty.


how to order

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